rotherham business news: News: Rotherham manufacturing boss' call to industry is more than just hot air

2023-04-03 22:40:38 By : Ms. Nicy Lee

AES managing director Chris Rea has called on senior oil and gas industry executives to stop unnecessary steam leaks requiring the equivalent of a rain forest of 100 million trees to counteract the damage to the planet. Rea has taken the unusual step of calling upon the major companies to use their existing suppliers – including rival manufacturers who are strongly placed in this industry –in order to stop wasteful, expensive and harmful leaks. AES is a global group headquartered in Templeborough, Rotherham, which makes advanced mechanical seals under its main brand AESSEAL, and has also supplies monitoring and reliability services via AVT Reliability. Leaking steam turbines emit two million tonnes of CO2 each year, completely unnecessarily. Chris Rea says: “Steam leaks are endemic to the Oil & Gas industry even though proven solutions have been available for decades. Installing better sealing technology often has a payback of as little as six months, meaning that the companies are losing money as well as hurting the planet.” Advertisement In an open letter aimed at industry executives, many of whom have also been contacted individually, he urges: "At AESSEAL, it feels like we are sticking our thumb in the dyke of a global problem and are drowning in an attitude of general indifference to climate change, but it is probably simpler than that. Our company has been campaigning on this issue, and where we are not on your supplier list we accept this will likely never happen. “If you don’t already work with our global team of reliability experts, go to your current seal supplier – Eagle Burgmann, John Crane or Flowserve who serve most of the Oil & Gas industry. Please make my day and help save the world for our children and grandchildren." The "Stop the Steam" campaign is linked to Betterworld.Solutions, a philanthropic best practice sharing organisation Rea has established to create a better conduit to bring environmental projects to business leaders, who will act when they are aware of the opportunity. AESSEAL website Betterworld.Solutions website Images: AESSEAL

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rotherham business news: News: Rotherham manufacturing boss