Two handle IPL Shr laser machine IPL Elight

Two Handles IPL SHR Laser Machine IPL Elight DescriptionSHR + Elight two handles3000W big power with good effectiveIN-MOTION technology, pain free treatmet  Application1. Remove undesired hair permanently from various areas of the body for all kinds of hair color2. Remove epidermal pigmentation:speckles, age

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Two Handles IPL SHR Laser Machine IPL Elight



    SHR + Elight two handles
    3000W big power with good effective
    IN-MOTION technology, pain free treatmet


    Two Handles IPL Shr Laser Machine IPL Elight



    1. Remove undesired hair permanently from various areas of the body for all kinds of hair color
    2. Remove epidermal pigmentation:speckles, age spot, sun-induced freckles, birthmark, ect.
    3. Remove red blood vessels: bottlenose, erythema, change bottle nose
    4. Acne and scars treatment
    5. pore minimizing and face lifting
    6. Skin rejuvenation, Lessen deep wrinkles and anti aging
    7. Improve skin quality: dry skin, oily, aging, chromatism, ect

    Two Handles IPL Shr Laser Machine IPL Elight

    IPL SHR technology:
    SHR stands for Super Hair Removal, a technology of permanent hair removal which is having a sweeping success. The system combines laser technology and the benefits of the pulsating light method achieving practically painless results. Even hairs which until now have been difficult or even impossible to be removed, can now be treated.The treatment is more pleasant than with the conventional systems and your skin is better protected.

    It combines three advanced technologies: Bipolar Radio Frequency+IPL+Skin Contact Cooling.With the impedance defference in skin and pre-heat produced when the skin selectively absorbs optical energy, makes epidermis and dermis different diseased tissue produce light pyrolysis effect. The absorption of RF energy is not affected by skin pigment, could use for both deep color and light color skin. Meanwhile, contacting surface cooling technology applied on the treatment probe head can eliminate the heat effect attributed to photon energy, greatly reduce pain in the process of treatment. And increase the resistance of surface skin, reduce the RF absorption of the surface skin, greatly improving both the treatment performance and safety.

    Two Handles IPL Shr Laser Machine IPL Elight

    1. Big power 3000W, stronger energy, more better treatment effect
    2.Germany hose, good quality, longevity
    3.Machine with Japan capacitors, brand NIPPON
    4.Machine with 2 pcs radiators + 7 pcs fans, better cooling effect
    5.Handle with USA xenon lamp, could emit 500,000 shots
    6.Real top configuration, biger space water tank, better cooling effect
    7.Two handpices:SHR + Elight
    8.Germany imported intergrated water and electricity plug-play connector, safety and stability
    9.10 shots in 1s, faster for hair removal
    10. The screen can be folded up and down
    11. Alarm protection system of water flow and water temperature: stop all working immediately in case of any risk, protecting people & machine against any risk at the first time.
    12. User-friendly software design: simple parameters setting and easy operation

    OPT KEY-6
    Operation Interface10.4 " TFT True Color LCD Screen
    WavelengthSHR handle 610-950nm
    Elight hanlde 430mn/530mn/640nm-1200nm(standard)
    480nm/560nm/590nm/690nm/750nm (optional) 
    Working ModeSHR+mormal Elight/IPL/RF
    Spot Size10*50mm²  15*50mm²
    Energy   1-50J/cm²
    Pules Width1-50ms
    Pulse Amount1-6
    OPT SHR Frequency1-10HZ(adjustable)
    HandleSHR handle + Elight handle
    Out put power
    RF power
    Contious Shotting Non-Stop12 Hours Continuously Working (  non-stop)
    Fans&Radiator7Pc&2 Big car used Radiators
    Net Weight45KG

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    Founded in 2007, KEYLASER SCI-TECH Co.,ltd. , a worldwide medical device manufacturer produces high-end products for plastic surgeons, dermatologist, physicians, and healthcare professionals.

    With various reliable product line including IPL, RF microneedle, CO2, Diode laser, and Q-Switch laser, KEYLASER serves the industry as one of the leading companies with rigorous R&D level and valuable experience.

    KEYLASER developes the most progressive product to lead global market and products are being globally marketed by overseas offices, KEYLASER is cooperating with world-wide distribution partners to provide the highest customer satisfaction.


    Two Handles IPL Shr Laser Machine IPL Elight
    Two Handles IPL Shr Laser Machine IPL Elight
    Two Handles IPL Shr Laser Machine IPL Elight


    Packing: Aluminum Alloy Case with Plastic Foam Inside.
    Payment Terms: T/T(Bank transfer), Western Union, Credit Card, PayPal.
    Delivery time: 3-5 Work Days.
    Shipping: DHL Door To Door Service.

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    1. Door to door services by air: DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX…you can get the machine within 6 days!
    2. 1 year free warranty, lifetime maintain. After you get the machine, there is user manual, maintain manual, training CD guide you to operate the machine. 
    3. Training: (Video+Manual+Online Service) Can Keep You Operate It Easily.
    4. Professional guide: 24 Hours Professional online customer service
    Engineer after sale team for professional Guide.
    5. OEM&ODM service for distributor.

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